A20. Project week

  • June 2020.

  • Due to the COVID-19, our last mobility was forced to be held online. During a whole week, our students from our partner countries took part in a series of activities, conversations, exchanges and debates online aimed at collecting everything we have learnt and experienced during this great project. It was our attempt to give Gifts of Nature the proper finale it deserved and ensure that the relationships and collaboration that has been created during these last two years can continue in time.

    Even though this online experience was new for all of us, and despite the technical and logistical difficulties, we can say that we have succeeded in our attempt. It was very difficult, though, as every country had their our issues due to the pandemic. Some countries were forced into a lockdown, while others could only access their school during a brief time spot, and the rest could access the school facilities with restrictions of number, space and time. But we did it!

    We introduced Centro San Viator to partner students, the Basque Country and the Day of the Basque Language (December 4th)

    Partner countries explain the reasons why they like their own places:






    We created a Map of The Gifts of Nature Proyect

    We discussed the benefits of Natural Products and compared them with industrial ones

    We even organized a contest for the Best Branding Nature Commercial 

    And finally we discussed and analized everything we have learnt and share with this project and experience.

    Hope you like and enjoy Gifts of Nature as much as we have enjoyed this great experience!