8. Communicate, Collaborate & Create!


    Link to your team account to create your final production after you all agree on the draft.           

                                             TASKS TO CHOOSE FROM:                                            

    Choice 1: infographics

    How to stay safe in the digital world? Let's look for solutions.

    TASK: Come up with a list of dangers and suggest possible solutions. Then together create one common infographic to present your brightest ideas in a visually striking way. You can together create your infographic after you all agree on the template or layout, fonts and colours:

    Go to https://www.easel.ly/auth/login. Choose your team username and password.

    Choice 2: interactive games Use what you've learned in the project and one of the tools: Learning Apps, Quizzlet, Kahoot, etc., to create interactive games for your peers. You want to help them to become safer and more responsible users of the Internet.Go to https://www.learningapps.org/createApp.php

    Choose the type of game and create it step by step, together. Divide the work between the members of your team.

    Choice 3: video tutorials Let's collaborate in international teams and create video tutorials  on how to behave safely on the Internet. Collaborate to prepare a video tutorial on how to behave safely on the Internet. Write the script and divide the workload between the members of the team.


    HOW TO?

    Each team gets a sub-page to agree on their final production and collaborate.

    So, you will need to use your critical thinking skills to organise the information in a clear and coherent way, and also your creative skills to make it visually attractive. What is more, you will need to collaborate efficiently as a team, so: communicate often, be supportive and always be respectful!

    Here below is a video of the tool we will use to create the infographics, and read this brochure for more details: https://www.easel.ly/ebook/crashcourseinfographics,

    in particular focus on the pro tips given on PAGE 4 (black page), PAGE 6 (green page), PAGE 8 (blue page), PAGE 10 (green page).

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/ZEy5IDKgdFY