5. Let's reflect on technology darker side,

  • As a teenager in today’s crazy online world, you may think you have everything under control.
    But you may not be aware of all the pitfalls, hidden dangers and future implications of technology use. Technology is not going anywhere but we can change our vitual experiens for better. Let's come up with a set of rules to guide young people to a happy and safe digital life.

    A) Check out these short films and reflect on the issue at hand.

    B) Which sentences / expressions / ideas are worth remembering? Which lines struck you most?  Explain why? Unleash your ideas!

    Don't you feel overwhelmed being connected 24/7? Do you really want to allow the devices take control of your life? Do you want to stop staring at screens and get back yout time, space and relationships? Would you like to undigitise yourself? Put your phone aside and let your brain rest?

    Share your reflections on the padlet below.

    C) Comment on your peers' posts.

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