Hello Europe! - step into my world

The project is about finding out about a teenagers' life in a different country by focusing on their culture, language, school system and pastime habits.

Project Journal

  • To all our partners in Belgium, Spain and Norway.
    Have a nice summer!


    - Posted by René Améztegui Rosales, 02.06.2015

  • We finished our Prezi presentations about Belgium! You can watch them them in the map activity 8 "Hello, this is our country". A forum has been opened to ask questions about our different country's.
    All the best.
    - Posted by David Vermeire, 16.05.2015

  • eTwinning Day in Manises, Spain. Kisses

    - Posted by M.Amparo Fernández, 08.05.2015

  • Dear David: sorry for the delay ... my students said me these appointment:

    Sarah Vrolix - Meritxell Sunday 16:00 16:30
    Merel Bartels - Irene Fabian + Lola Navarro Sunday 16:00 17:00
    Britt Meurs - Marta Guna 16:00 17:00
    Michelle Voorjans Irene Fabian Sunday 16:00 17:00
    Saskia Bée Pablo Elzein Saturday 16:30 17:00

    Tell me, please the day or some change ...

    Best regards
    - Posted by M.Amparo Fernández, 29.03.2015

  • Hello everyone.
    Our students made some videos and Power Point presentations about : A day in my Life.

    - Posted by René Améztegui Rosales, 10.03.2015