3. Activities from TACKED website

  • The page includes educational material and activities that teachers and puplis liked from TACKED websites

  • Educational material from TACKED website

    Art or Craft

    We had a guessing game about art or craft

    Greek crafts from past to present

    I think that we learnt a lot about long lasting traditions

    Vintage ceramics

    We compared old and new traditions. I liked the modern version of ceramics

    Ancient Greek music

    We compared musical instruments and rythms

    Video for Rodos

    We had a discussion about Rhodian tradition. Interesting, that we did not know much

    Rhodian pebbles mosaics

    A lesson about a tradition very close to us

    Greek language

    We learnt Greek with our Erasmus friends

    Scilla in Italy

    We compared legends and true facts about the legend of Scilla

    Italian food
    Olive oil

    Comparison of harvesting of olive oil in Greece and Italy. It proved very similar