3. workshop - training event in France, Tourrette-Levens

  • All partners will upload their presentations and preparations for 3 workshop during training event in France, Tourrette-Levens to every countires folder.


    Workshops conducted during 3. Training event in Tourrette-Levens, France


    The topics of the pre-prepared practical workshops were:


    - applications and internet environments for creating crossword puzzles;

    -applications and internet environments for creating wordmazes;

    -creating animation;

    -creating picture story;


    -other programs and equipment used in schools.



    1. EDISON ROBOT: Edison is a simple educational robot. It reads barcodes with different commands of activities and you can also create programme with blocks with tablets or computers. Edison also matches with Lego blocks. Edison moves around according to program or following light, noise or black lines.


    Webpage with teaching materials: https://meetedison.com

    Webpage for programming: https://www.edblocksapp.com


    1. MINECRAFT EDUCATION – here is programme “Minecraft adventurer” where you can rehearse simple programming with blocks. There are different levels of difficulty. The programme will give you assingment you have to solve and the the player has to plan the journey according to the assingment. The game is identical with original Minecraft game, so it is very motivating for children to rehearse programming. 




         Other opportunities for programming:

    • Younger children – games with Bee-Bots.
    • Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu
    • Blockly: https://blockly.games
    • Tynker: https://www.tynker.com

         Apps – koding games for children:

    • Daisy the Dinosaur
    • Spritebox


    1. ANIMAKER - you can create here animation and interactive pictures using ready templates or empty project. You can add here special effects or sounds on the pictures and create videos. Log in is possible with google account.



               POWTOON – similar to animaker.com. You can compose here videos or  






    1.  CROSSWORDLABS– crosswordlabs is very easy to use. You can create crosswords and save them for playing or sharing. You can save crosswords in PDF or in Word. When saved in word document you can solve the crosswords in computer.



    More opportunities for crossword puzzles and mazes:

    •  theteacherscorner.net
    • https://crosswordlabs.com/
    • https://www.worksheetworks.com/
    • https://www.puzzle-maker.com/ (not fre)
    • https://www.education.com/  (not free)
    • http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/
    • http://www.suchsel.de.vu/ ( not english)




    1. ARMOUREDPENGUIN – free page for creating wordsearch, crosswords, word matches. You can print out pages. You can create your own or use a ready page. 



    1. STORYBIRD – you can create a storybook or comic book. You can upload here your artwork, write a story, create a book or comic and print it out.



    1. MOVE THE TURTLE – simple coding and programming for children. Possible to use only with iPhone or iPad.



    1. BOTLEY ROBOT – a coding robot suitable for smaller children. The robot can follow a line, avoid obstacles and it can be controlled with simple remote. The robot is a screen free toy and the set includes coding cards for planning the journey or giving children different assingment.


    1. DOCROBOT – simple educational robot that gives children assingments about moving around and children have to push the right buttons to follow the instructions.



           1.LIGHTBOT– a coding app for tablets. LightBot is a puzzle game based on coding; it

               secretly teaches you programming logic as you play!



            2. CURISCOPE – VIRTUALI TEE – Animated interactive picture about human body.  

               The Virtuali-Tee combines a t-shirt with a free app enabling your students to 

               learn about the human body...on a human body. When wearing the interactive 

               t-shirt you can look inside the human body when scanning the T-shirt with the 

               tablet. The app also includes different videos about human body. 



          3. CLASSDOJO- it is virtual classroom where you can give children assingments,

             communicate with them, evaluate them and give feedback about behaviour.  




    1. BEE-BOT ROBOTS – Bee-Bots are educational robots. It is very simple programming opportunity for children from very early age. Children push the movement buttons (forward, backward, turn left, turn right) according to the planned journey for the eobot. 

    There is also a app for Bee-Bot, where children can play very easy programming games. 



    1. SMILEBOX – environment for creating books and collages. You can also create presentations, where you can add text for pictures. There is also possibility for creating a newspaper there.



    1. For crossword puzzles there is HOT POTATO environment:



    1. KIZOA PUZZLES – environment for creating photo puzzles.





    1. GREEN SCREEN – you can use this application to set a embed background behind an oral presentation or to set a background behind of short animation with puppets. You can create „tarvel“ pictures when adding to embed background persons. You need a green backgound and application. 





    1. CODING EXPRESS– Coding express is Lego Education blocks. This is easy way to teach children simple coding with blocks and also problem solving skills.