Three partners: Georgia BaroutaVer (GYMNASIO VALTINOU TRIKALON, Valtino Grecia), Silvana NiedduVer (CS Brigata Sassari, Sassari, Italia) and RAQUEL ARIZA (IES Arquitecto Ventura Rodríguez, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain). Create a board game based in our heritage, to add value to our knowledge in a more ludic way. Players will go through different proofs such as: questions, pictionary, taboo,... and they will deal with different topics like outstanding people ( historic ones, painters, writers, musicians, philosophers,...) gastronomy, sports and monuments from our partner countries. To create the materials for the game, in the movilities, each country will show the visitors those topics while collaborating in workshops and so learning in a ludic way. The workshops will be classified into: -We are artists (we design the game) -We are chefs (gastronomy). -We are sportsmen/women (sport) -We are writers and tourist guides (monuments) -We are digitals

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