• Short-term echanges of groups of pupils in Turkey

    1st Day:The student exchange program started  with a welcoming ceremony in Atatürk Cultural Centre. Firstly, we watched the school and country presentations of all participants’ school. Our pupils in school choir sang some songs, they played some instruments and folk dance group presented some traditional dances. In addition that, Bulgarian students sang a song and Romanian students performed a dance.

    The teachers visited the Provincial National Education Director

    Different kinds of crayons  and finger paints were given to the students and they drew pictures and wrote some slogans on a large, empty canvas about the title of our Project. And the teachers made a meeting to talk about Digital Resources, Tools, Educational Applications and Websites used in the classrooms in Turkey.


    2nd Day: All the participants were divided into two groups. Some useful games and applications were explained and played by one of our English teachers.

    Marbling art – The participants created colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transformed this pattern to paper by the help of our Art teacher.

    All the teachers and students visited Canyons. We saw Upside-down house and enjoyed the the glass terrace in the Canyons. Then all group visited Blaundus ancient city.

    3rd Day: All the teachers and students visited “Carpet Weaving House”. Then, we carried out a Codding and Robotics workshop at " Public Training Center" 




    4th Day: We made a tour to Eskişehir. Firstly, We made a Boat Trip, then visited Wax Museum, walked on the Odunpazarı Streets.We found the opportunity of doing experiments in Eskişehir Science and Experiment Center, watching  a live journey to the universe, galaxies, stars, earth and the planets in Sabancı Planetarium.




    5th Day: A Math Lesson was given to pupils by using interactive board and by one of our Maths teachers. The teacher made a meeting.



    At night, we prepared a Farewell Dinner for both teachers and students.









    And Here is the BEST Team