Cyprus - Limassol

  • Cyprus meeting

    German group

      Portugal group

    Cyprus group

    Polish gorup

    Latvian group

    Macedonian group




    Plan of first meeting.

    Cyprus 8 XII - 13 XIII 2019.



    Sunday 8.12.19  Arrival at the hotel. The host families pick up the students at their arrival at the hotel.


    Day 1, Monday 9.12.19


    Where/ Who/ What

    Other information



































    • Arrival at school.
    • Warm welcome by our Erasmus committee and the headmistress
    • A small tour around the school facilities.
    • A small welcoming show
    • Christmas carols from all the countries





    • Presentation “Meet Cyprus”




    Break time – coffee and tea, meeting the school teachers


    • Icebreaking game “Have a candy, tell me something”


    • Treasure hunt






    • Logo contest


    Each country presents its lyrics for the song


    Lunch at a restaurant, not far from school


    A guided visit at the archaeological site of  ancient city and theatre Curium [by bus] Workshop at location – Discover Cyprus history


    Free time

    Dinner at a local tavern (€23-25 drinks included

    èBy taxi or with teachers car





    è Presentation of the participant countries, few information about each country – each country prepares a power point. Also bring a flag of your country.

    Brief presentation of our tradition and history, folklore dances and traditional songs, poems.

    èHistory and Geography, Environment, Traditions and local cuisine (teachers and students can taste and/or create traditional sweets)




    èThrough this game teachers and students share information about themselves. They come closer.

    èQuestions about each country (based on what will show them at the presentation). Each time a group finds a clue, they are given a picture, whoever completes the puzzle first wins. (Learning about each country)






    (by bus) Teachers and student have lunch together and then go by bus to Curium






    The bus will drop off the students at the school where the host families will pick them up

    Day 2, Tuesday 10.12.19


    Who/ Where/ What

    Other information


























    Arrival at school / or the bus picks you up from the hotel (will have to ask the bus company)


    Arrival at Lefkara village in the district of Larnaka – Workshop at location discover the tradition of Cyprus




    A snack before taking off for Nicosia


    Departure from Lefkara destination the capital Nicosia

    Arrival at Nicosia




     “Lets meet the divided capital of Nicosia” – Workshop at location about the divided capital




    Departure for Limassol


    Free time

    The bus will pick up the students from school



    Tour of the village, visit at the museum of folklore tradition, Workshop “lace embroidery” (Cyprus famous lace Lefkaritikon)




    Guided tour at Cyprus archaeological museum

    LUNCH: (Preordered) lunch for everyone at a restaurant near the old city of Nicosia



    Guided tour at the venetian walls of Nicosia.

    A walk in the old town of Nicosia. Arriving at the green line, learning about the only remaining divided capital of Europe


    Arrival at school, host families pick up students


    Day 3, Wednesday 11.12.19


    Who/ Where/ What

    Other information












    10:00 Break









    Arrival at school


    Music Workshop: Presenting the lyrics for the song

    2-3 students from each country will work with the composer/ musician to compose the song


    Workshop: Becoming Europolitans









    Lunch at a restaurant in the village Vouni. Wine tasting at a local winery.

    Dinner at traditional tavern/ restaurant



    It may require to work with the students at his studio [will have more information about this after Friday]




    Students and teachers divided in 6 different groups (1 student from each country= 1x6= 1 group) discuss the problems their country is facing (social problems, immigration, environment, etc), exchange information on how their country deals with it and create a poster/ brochure with their own laws or suggestions on the matter


    Day 4, Thursday 12.12.19


    Who/ Where/ What

    Other information































    Arrival at school


    Finish whatever work is left.


    Visit at Agios Athanasios municipal, meeting the Mayor [bus]


    Visit a local radio station, present the song

    A walk through the old town of Limassol (city center)

    Visiting Agia Napa Church



    Guided tour at Limassol’s Medieval castle



    Visiting an area nearby where a church (Saint Antony church) is opposite a (Turkish) mosque.




    Lunch at location (teachers


    Walking to Limassol Marina. Free time




    Farewell dinner at Katerina’s house












    It’s brief walk. The Cyprus University of Technology is located at the city center (old town) and there are also many shops.

    Inside the castle is Cyprus Medieval Museum. Maybe we can arrange a workshop there? If needed?





    Students go back to school by bus and have lunch with the host families



    Friday 13.12.19


    Departure day