Internet Terms Pictures

  • To do our dictionary more atractive we need some pictures to illustrate the terms.

    Team 1 will be the responsible for this task.

    Our images will have the following features:

    • Images will be SQUARED
    • Its dimensions will be 400x400 pixels
    • It will be stored in png format.
    • We must be allowed to use the image.

    We must convert images in a squared 300x300 png image. Be careful you must take care of proportions when you transform the image, don't deform it.

    Image files name are based on English term, for example for the term browser the file name will be browser.png.

    You can use the software you want to do the transformation. An option is GIMP,

    You must use the "internet-terms-images" folder to upload images.

    Not all terms are suitable for images so choose the terms where images are suitable.

    The working method will be:

    1st: select the term in the Internet Terms Collection document.

    2nd: check if we have an image for the term in the internet-terms-images folder.

    3rd: if we don't have a image for this term look for a image transform it to the required features and upload it to the internet-term-images folder.

    We will read carefully the copyrigth document and take it in account.