Our Project

  • The aim of our project is to share and discover ways in which we can better prepare our pupils for the world of work by:
    • increasing their awareness of and interest in the career possibilities available to them
    • teaching them skills and competencies needed in the world of work and encouraging them to discover their own strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes
    • exchanging best practice with our European partners
    • better integrating these elements into our curricula.
    During the project, our pupils will research different careers opportunities and present them in our joint compendium of jobs. They will investigate skills required for the workplace and again present them in a joint compendium of skills. These compendia will also be published in print and made available to others. The pupils will assess their own strengths and aptitudes. Using the knowledge they have acquired, they will work together in small teams in our Startup Challenge to design, advertise and later sell products at a Spring Fair at our final meeting.
    The themes covered will include:
    • Jobs around us: a closer look at local and European job opportunities
    • Soft Skills: key competencies and our strengths and weaknesses
    • Team Skills: teamwork and careers education in our schools
    • The Startup Challenge: small „business teams“ plan and produce products for our summer fair
    Concrete results:
    Phase 1: Jobs around us - pupils create a compendium of jobs - producing films, fotostories, texts, interviews, reports etc. - which are shared online on the Twinspace. This will broaden their horizons, give them greater insight into different occupations, and raise their interest. At our meeting we will play games and do quizzes to identify different occupations, and meet people from different professions. Pupils will try out practical skills hands on using the excellent facilities at our Finnish partner school.
    Competencies particularly addressed: communication in the mother tongue and in a foreign language; digital competence, creativity, practical skills. 
    Phase 2: Soft Skills - we consider and share what skills and competencies are needed in the workplace as well as ways to assess and develop these qualities. Our results will form an online compendium. Pupils consider their own strengths, weaknesses, interests and aptitudes. At our meeting we will play games and do quizzes to determine our own qualities and develop our skills. Competencies particularly addressed: personal, social and civic competencies, cultural awareness and expression.
    Phase 3: Team Skills - we share and compare careers advice and preparation at our schools, considering what we can learn from our partners. At our meeting we will begin to consider the importance of teamwork and look at the different roles played by various members of a company. We also consider the topic of mobility and the opportunities to work in other parts of Europe. Competencies particularly addressed: critical thinking, problem solving, risk assessment. 
    Phase 4: The Startup Challenge - small teams design, advertise and produce products to be sold or games to be played at a Spring Fair during our final meeting. We consider the different stages of production as well as the different roles in a company. At our meeting the Fair will be prepared and held and the results of our project will be presented. Competencies particularly addressed: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, decision-making, constructive management of feelings. 
    Different subject departments will be involved according to the topics involved. Links with local businesses will be deepened. Working with their partners will help our pupils to build friendships, improve their foreign language skills and motivation, learn basic life skills and key competencies and increase tolerance, understanding and co-operation.