Who we are

  • Czech Republic - Ostrava

     Hi our friends :-)

     It´s our school in Ostrava.... it´s 22 years old and is the youngest school in Dubina - part of Ostrava, where we live :-)



       What kind of animal do you tell something about us? :-)


     We made a short video from our school :-)


    Did you watch carefully? Here is a very easy task for you :-)

      "How many pupils are in our class?"

    RO: Hi from Bistrita. In your class there are 14 pupils. Nice to meet you :)


    CZ - Neplachovice?

    Hi friends,

    We are fulfiling your task :-)

    Our answer is: There are fourteen childen.

    Friends from Neplachovice.

    Romania - Bistrita


    CZ - Ostrava: your school is really very pretty :) our school visit only 410 pupils :)

    Czech Republic - Neplachovice

    Hi friends,

    this is our class :-)

    The task for you: Who is who? Match our pictures with our describe. 

     CZ Ostrava: We found spolution of your task. Is it correct?