Monthly Work Plan-Calendar


    -Teachers register our students.

    -Students develop their profiles and then use various online tools like 'avachara' or 'voki' to present themselves.

    -Students are divided into groups and their names are added to the chart on 'Students' Groups' PAGE.

    -Each students' group exchanges information with the other partners-members of their group - in the FORUMS

    -Every country prepares a presentation of their school and country- either in a QUIZ/ VIDEO/ PHOTOS AND TEXT for their partners to know them and POST IT  on the 'LET'S PRESENT OUR COUNTRIES,OUR SCHOOLS AND  OUR STUDENTS'  -  PAGE

    NOVEMBER Logo of our project-all member countries will prepare a logo (small image) for our project. Students and teachers vote for the one they choose but we can't vote for ours.

    Start searching for our material on legends and tales in groups. Exchange Christams wishes -and info on our countries' customs and traditions.

    start working with the actual project (along with the Christmas activities)

    • STEP 1  Work on definitions: define (group 1) : what is ‘myth’ (mythology)

    (group 2): what is ‘legend’

    (group 3): what is ‘fairy tale’

    (group 4): what is ‘fables with morals’-(Aesop’s fables)

    Find the information from the internet or encyclopedias and libraries

    • STEP 2  Collect tales and start reading them- go the school library and make a research- first in our country’s language and then in English .

    Each group chooses a tale/myth/legend and reads it to the rest of the class in English.

    (group 1) : reads a ‘myth’ (mythology)

    (group 2): reads a‘legend’

    (group 3): reads a‘fairy tale’

    (group 4): reads a‘fable with moral’-(Aesop’s fables)

    • STEP 3  Watch a video about one of the tales( from youtube etc)
    • STEP 4  Create games :

    1)Snakewords with titles of myths/talesand post them into forums special page for other partners tosolve

    2) hangman-titles

    3)QUIZ with an extract froma tale- just a sentence and multiple choice options (titles of tales) for the partners to answer

    • STEP 5  Conduct a survey- (create a chart with the fairy tales they know and they grew up with and number them according to choice and popularity-

    Each country uploads a grid with the first fifteen (15) fairy tales our students grew up with. Then we assign agroups to compare the results and complete a list with the fairy tales which are common in all involved countries).

                             NEW INSTRUCTIONS

    - Have each of your students write on FORUMS  section a list of 10 legends or fairy tales or fables s/he grew up with.

    -Go to FORUMS -'Do the SURVEYhere' section

     Each student TICKS 10  legend TITLES of his/her choice

    (not ready yet)

    • STEP 6    REWRITE A TALE- Each group(all countries involved) decides- votes for one tale they like and they rewrite it. For example, Spain 1 makes the beginning, Greece continues, then Romania, Czech R., Spain 2 and Slovakia. This means that every country writes only a paragraph –which is gonna be easy.

    In every group a different country begins the tale .

    AFTER THAT all students vote for the best rewritten tale- this way they develop theircreativity.


    We will be divided into two groups:

    GROUP 1:Greece(beginning) -Spain 1(middle)- Czech republic (end)

    will rewrite the fairy tale of "The Beast and the Beauty" in a power point (or any other tale you agree upon)

    GROUP 2: Romania (beginning)- Slovakia 1  (middle)- Spain 2(middle)- Slovakia 2(end)

    will rewrite the fairy tale of "Cinderella" in a power point (or any other tale you agree upon)(or any other tale you agree upon)

    Each country uploads their pptx in the forums section.

    • STEP 7 –Write about a local legend. For example here in Kastoria we have a cave and there is a legend about a dragon- “The dragon’s cave’

    -students write how the story goesand post on twinspace

    -make a school visit in the area

    -create a comic with the story (e-tool)

    -interview their grandparents about it- do grandparents give different versions?

    • STEP 8- Evaluation of the project with google drive questionnaire