Move2learn, learn2move Rome, Sept. 17- 22, 2018

  • Move2learn about your partners' school, their way of life, their cultural tradition, their artisan heritage

    Mia's and Milena's documentation and about the free time activities.



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    Move2learn, learn2move


    September 17 – 22, 2018


    Monday : Day of our arrival

    Our journey starts in Recklinghausen, Germany at 7 in the morning.
    Here we take our first train together to the airport Düsseldorf.

    Just a few more hours until we finally get to meet our Italien friends, the excitement is almost unbearable, questions like - What will their homes and families be like? Will we have a lot to talk about? are all we can think about.
    A 2 hour flight later we land in Italy, approximately 30 minutes away from Rome city center
    And just a few minutes later we finally walk through Rome’s central train station looking for our exchange partners.
    They are easy to spot holding up a huge poster which reads :”Welcome ” and the German flag colours as background.


    We run towards them hugging and kissing each others cheeks ( the typical Italian greeting seems strange to us at first but a few days into the week it seems strange not to do so )
    Here is where we say goodbye to our teachers and go to our temporary homes for the week to unpack and change.
    A little later we meet all the other students again for ice cream and a chatty coffee.
    Our first day was full of excitement and new impressions and it was great fun, only remembering makes us smile.

    Alisa Winkelhagen

    Tuesday: School and Sightseeing    

    Tuesday was the first day in Rome after our arrival. We had the first night at our lovely Italian guest families. We met at Via G da Procida at 9.10 am, after a lot of traffic. We visited the school , which seems as a normal apartment building from the outside. After a little guided tour, we visited the current class of Mrs.Fasanelli. They prepared a few questions for us ,for example: What are differences  between Germany and Italy?