Climate Action

  • Our climate is changing.

    The Climate Action project,, is designed and organized by Koen Timmers. It is an inspitation for teachers and learners to work and collaborate on real world problem solving, focusing on the tremendous effects of climate change, relating it to their community and suggesting ways of how it can be faced. In 2017 250 schools across 69 countries participated and in 2018 there are 515 schools across 90 countries. This project is supported by Dalai Lama, Dr. Jane Goodall, Greenpeace, Unesco, Microsoft Education, scientists and other public figures. Students over 6 continents focused on Climate Change during 4 weeks.

    The 1st mission of our eTwining project will focus on Climate Action.

    Let's research and present our ideas.

    The Simon Says "Save The Climate!" episodes presented by Unicef and The World's Largest Lesson at and are very helpful.

    From Portugal to the world,

    let's save the word CLIMATE in a comfortable way.

    Shared work with Clima Action Project (week 1)


    Shared work with Clima Action Project (week 2)


    Shared work with Clima Action Project (week 3)


    Shared work with Clima Action Project (week 4)


    From Germany to the World


    From Greece to the World

    Week 1:What is Climate Change?

    Week 2: Causes and Effects

    Week 3: Solutions, Taking action

    Week 4: Connecting Classrooms