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  • Festivities in Italy

    There are a lot of festivities in Italy and everyone celebrate them in its own way. Now, let’s see which are these festivities...

    but let’s proceed in chronological order.

    1. NEW YAR’S EVE (1 Januar)

    This is Napoli’s fireworks, the most famous fireworks in Italy. This is the most ancient costume about this festivity, but how celebrate the event young people?

    Most teenagers usually go to a private party or go clubbing. For example, my friends and I every year have a party in a house in the countryside. We invite our friends and we celebrate it all together. We drink a little and then we shoot fireworks. It’s a wonderfull show.



    The most famous carnival in Italy is the carnival of Venice. Masks have always beeen an important feature of the Venetian carnival. Often young people celebrate this festivity just going to the disco or going out with their friends.



    Easter is one of my favourite festivities. People celebrate it in different ways but everyone do it with his family. For example my family and I go every year to an other city and have lunch with all our relatives. The easter lunch is one of the longest lunch, sometimes you stay at the table also for 4/5 hours! I like this celebrity because it’s a way to meet your relatives and spend time with them.



    Ferragosto is an important festivity. It’s a part of ancient Rome’s traditions. Now every region has its own way to celebrate it, and like most of times, young people go clubbing ‘till morning.



    Halloween is an international festivity, and all knows that the only way to celebrate it is go to a party where everyone are dressed up. Personally I love this festivity, it’s an occassion to forget school and have fun with my best friends.


    Christmas is the biggest festivity in the world and everyone celebrate it whit his family. Usually, my family and I go to the mountain whit our relatives. On 25 december we have the second long lunch of the year. We exchange presents and we all stay together. This is my favourite festivity because i love presents!

    By Oleg shlyakhtych

    Classe 4 L Bologna