My village

    Name my village is Vasiľov. I live in this village from my birth. Vasiľov is located beatiful region of Orava. The Orava is the most beautiful nature, mainly forests, meadows and rivers.

    Orava region is located in the north of Slovakia. Over winter is there a lot of snow and strong frost. So there are many ski resorts.

    Vasiľov is a small village. About 830 people live here. In the vincinity of the village you can see a nice hills and mountains. Through the village flows the river Hruštínka. There are many trees. In Vasiľov we have a playground, a church, a small shop and of course a pub.

     I am happy that I live here and people like to live here too.

    Jakub Kotúľ


    The village in which I live for 16 years is called Rabčice. Rabcice is neither big nor small. It's a normal village. Located in northern Orava, on the outskirts of Slovakia. Rabčice neighbors with Polish. When you come to our village you will meet loving and hospitable people. Our village surrounds many hills and forests, which can serve for beautiful walks or for relaxing in nature. In nearby of our village center we find the Orava Museum of Hviezdoslavu hájovňu which is dedicated to the memorial of P.O. Hviezdoslava Slovak with is writer. Our village is also interesting for tourists because there is the Babia Hora. It is visited by many tourists from all over Slovakia and Poland. There is also a pretty church in my village. In addition to the beautiful countryside, we also have three pitches, two footbal and one ices pitch. The ice pitch is used in the summer for children to cycle, and in the winter they go skating and playing hockey. There's one team here, and two teams firefighters. We have two team of men and women. I am also a member of the fireman's men's team. There is a lot of snow in the winter. . In winter we had a ´Christmas markets´ with a big Christmas tree, punch, food and program. My village i like because my silence is cozy and I come from it.

    Matej Mordel

    My village My village´s name is Rosina. I live in this village for 15 years with my family. Rosina is normal village with normal people. Of course the oldest people want to know everything, but it´s small mistake of my village. When you come to my village you´ll see immediately hills and green colours. Around Rosina are many mountines like Martinské hole and you can see it. We have an airport, but it does´t work. Now there´s driving school. You can go there and you can see castle Lietava. Finally, my village is good for relax and sometimes i go to walk and learn something for school, or reading book, or only walk and listening to music. I like to go with blanket and with book or headphones to some hill and do nothing. But in summer. In winter or when it´s cold outside i´m just walking. Except for beautifull nature, we have four football pitches, one basketball pitch and one volleyball pitch. In summer you can book a volleyball pitch and you can play volleyball. Football and basketball pitches is for free. On Carnival in Rosina firemans walk in masques and ask people for some eggs or alcohol to party, because in the evening is a ´Carnival party´.Every year in Rosina is ´Autum on village´. Children prepare some songs, some handmade things and present it before people. Of course you can buy some food, some drinks and you can go to carousels. In winter we had a ´Christmas markets´ with a big Christmas tree, punch, food and program. In my village is every month somethnig and never is bore.

    Aneta Vrabcová



    My  village

    Lietava is a small village on the north of the Slovakia, in Žilina region.  Lietava is not a biggest village in the world with it’s 1500 citizens , but it’s a peaceful place surrounded by beautiful mountains, large forests and we have a castle Lietava near by. Although it’s quite a ruin, people are trying to repair it and they doing quite good job . But life in a village is not only happy and easy how it seems to be. For example, people have to travel long time to their jobs, to the doctors or to school like i do and that can be little bit annoying sometimes when you have to travel with all these people with one bus because most of old people and women doesn’t have driving license or car so there is zero chance for you to possible take a seat in the bus. Imagine that you wake up around 5.30 in a morning, you go to the bus stop in this cold weather that we have in Slovakia right now and you see those people pushing eatch other and you have to stand 30 minutes in a fully loaded bus in a traffic jam. Beautiful morning, don’t you think ? But i really like life in a village, freedom that you have and beautiful nature. I’m really happy, that i could grew up in a village like this one.

    Matej Puškár

    My town


    Bytča is the city where I grew up and I still live. It is a small town near Žilina in Slovakia. Bytča has castle and is surrounded by Súľovské Skaly (mountain). On the edge of Súľovské Skaly is a small village called Hlboké and there is a beautiful waterfall.

    Peter Slivoň

    My village

    My village´s name is Turie. I live in this village 15 years with my family. Turie is small village near Žilina in Slovakia. About 2000 people live here. I tis 446 meters about sea level.  Around Turie are many hills, forests and mountains. There are many hiking and cycling paths. Every year there is a folklore festival Kubánkov sen. In winter we have a Nicholas markets with food , tea, presents, program and christmast tree.

    Jakub Pagáč

    My village My village is called Kunerad is very small and has about 1500 inhabitants and have beutyful nature. I live there 15years and i am verry happy there. Kunerad have one castle but he is burned out. And i love this village.

    Juraj Požár


    Name of my village is Vasiľov. I live here for 16 years. It´s a village in north Slovakia, in region Orava. Orava is really nice place to live. There are beautifull mountains, from where you can see beauties of Slovak nature. Let´s go back to my village.

    Vasiľov is small village with 850 people. In my village, we are all like a big family. We know all about ourselves, of course becouse of older people in this village. So I really love this place. We have beautifull nature around -  nice forrests, mountains. We have big playground in our village. You can play football or do firesport here. We have football team here - TJ Vasiľov and firesport team - DHZ Vasiľov. Firesport is really popular in our village. In my free time I´m doing firesport too.

    Boris Voška

    MY VILLAGE It's called Turie. I've lived here for 15 years. There are good and willing people here. The nature around our village is very nice. There are various bicycle paths, natural walkways, forests, mountains and small rivers. I love my village because I like to relax here, I play football on our playground and I like to ride a bicycle.

    Samuel Kostolný