Enterpreneurs in Spain

  • We are joined a project in our city: " Learning to be enterpreneurs" , launched by our Education government, together with a big bank: Ibercaja. 

    Our pupils are learning how to be enterpreneurs. They have created a company, a cooperative: "Young  Enterpreneurs at School". We have written our statutes, the constitution of our cooperatie. 

    We have chosen our President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary.

    The pupils from this cooperative are the ones of the 5th year. They are bringing their prototypes. We will decide which ones we are going to produce in greater quantities for the big market which is going to take place on May 31st.

    La cooperativa de 5º del Ceip Vadorrey Les Allées: Y.E.S. tiene ya un montón de prototipos... ya nos estamos poniendo en marcha para producir nuestros increíbles productos! pic.twitter.com/jGTKWMYk1b

    — Ceip Vadorrey (@CVadorrey) April 3, 2019 ">Our prototypes


    Our management team are going to go to the bank to open a bank account for our cooperative. We are going to have 150€ investment, which is 3€ per kid. 

    We are also going too have the code of our cooperative.  We will call the INAEM to get this code. 

    Two days ago we visited a big company : Panishop. Its co founder and  main director told us the most important things an enterpreneur must have on mind.. He told us to  make a cooperative work, we must be organized. 

    Visit to Panishop

    The most important qualities in a cooperative are responsibility, respect, organization, assertion, and to be part of a team. Everyone is important. 

    We are delighted to take part in this wonderful project and we are very happy to share it with all of you.