• Project of Erasmus+ started on the 1st of September 2018 and will finish in August 2020. 

    Participating 5 European countries– France, Turkey, Italy, Estonia and Greece.

    1st Meeting France january 2019


    The project is based on working Maths related curricular subject in our schools.We decided to apply this project after talking about our needs to this project.Maths is indispensable value for the individual, society. It is the common way of thinking of mankind. It is science, art. It's universal.It has important role in other school subjects.In our schools,most of the pupils have difficulties in understanding Maths topics so they have also difficulties in other school sujects.With this project we
    would like to decrease the gap between pupils and Maths.Also we are aiming: to improve the level of key competences and skills,foster qualityimprovements,innovation excellence and internationalisation at the level of education,promote the emergence and raise awareness of European Lifelong Learning area,be aware of EU’s abroad linguistic diversity and cultures,improve the teaching and learning of languages in real life,encourage the participation of students/teachers in democratical life in Europe,develop their professionalism and European dimension of our schools.
    We are 5 schools and project will last 2 years.Portugal had left the project.We applied this project last year from Turkey but we couldn’t get the grant we introduced our project to the students,teachers and parents with presentations.French school is the coordinator. All the schools are public and has non-profit body.Every school has two special Maths connected school topics to focus on.In each visit,partner schools will work on host school’s topics.We shared the mentioned areas as:
    1- France-Maths And Art,Maths And Sports
    2- Turkey-Maths And English,Maths And Mental Development
    3- Italy-Maths And Children Games,Maths And Craft
    4- Estonia-Maths And History,Maths And Science
    5- Portugal- Maths And Social Studies,Maths And Drama( all schools will work these topics )
    6- Greece–Maths And Music,Maths And Health

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