About the project

  •                BIRDS WITHOUT BORDERS

    The aim of the project is to increase students' environmental awareness and interest for STEAM subjects  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) by using outdoor environmental education activities (birds observation, scientific researches etc.) and by using creative and critical thinking activities such as debate, discussion, presentations, theatre and CLIL methods.


    The schools involved in the partnership are all concerned about developing their learners in different ways :

    • to increase their cultural awareness to own and other cultures,
    • to boost their English language skills, expression in English and own country
    • to make participants more emphatic to the environment (specifically, birds) and people,
    • to make learners more responsible citizens of own country and Europe,
    • to promote Leadership and Collaboration,
    • to increase their creativity and critical thinking skills,
    • to make students be more physically active.

    Work Process

    It is a two-year project. The project process will be parallel to our Erasmus+ project called Birds Without Boarder. Our project process:

    • Add to teachers and students to eTwinning project.
    • Sharing questionnaire about activities
    • Sharing presentations about your country, region, town, school
    • Sharing pictures about Let's Do It activities
    • Creating Sharing and Voting Logos for Logo Contest
    • Sharing BÄ°rds GO game Album
    • Sharing debates, dramas, physical activities and other activities.

    Expected Results

    The involved participants will benefit by :

    • broadening cultural horizons, fighting xenophobia
    • practicing English for daily, and academic purposes, carrying out the tasks
    • establishing bonds with foreign peers
    • learning about birds of the other countries
    • personal expression through debates/ drama/ drawing
    • critical thinking and creativity through
    • boosting team work skills

    Participants will get leaflets of local birds, take pictures of local birds and add them to their bird portfolio, take pictures for Birds Photo Album.