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    These days, treasure hunts, digital breakouts or escape rooms are getting more and more popular. They bring thrill, adventure, problems, solutions and fun. That´s why this project was born. In summer 2018, project partners from Poland, Catalonia and Czechia met at FCL Summer Academy in Brussels and agreed to create a project based on online escape rooms. The basic ideas were agreed on there as well.

    In September a detailed plan was made for the whole project and we set off.

    The project makes teachers learn how to create and use online breakouts both in an international environment and in their own teaching.

    The project connects students of different European secondary schools. They get together in the virtual TwinSpace, solve and make numerous online escape rooms for their peers to solve.

    The students work in national and transnational teams. Their tasks include searching for information, examining and analyzing it, creating a set of puzzles to complete a unique online escape room for others or create a non-linear story. They use different online tools to accomplish their outcome.

    Everyone will discover their partner´s countries, get to know each other and communicate in the English language.

    The collaboration will be carried out in the school year 2018/19.

    Project steps:
    - planning
    - intros
    - logo competition
    - forum discussions
    - escape rooms by teachers
    - escape rooms by students
    - non-linear storytelling
    - evalutation
    - dissemination

    Inspiration from  our project partner, Sant Quirze´s High School, Catalonia and their Let´s Escape project


    Project plan



    Credits: Pixabay