18. Rewards

  • There are 12 kinds of prizes, ordred by the date that we received the prizes. Are received by the teachers for the worked we have done with the students or by the students. At the end, but the most important, are 11 NQL for teachers and 1 NQL to be write for the almost  400 students and 11 EQL.  :)

    1. Fist prize_CODE WEEK

    In october, we have sent a description of one of the project activities "Let's discover coding" to the competition "Code Week - Meet and code". We have been rewarded with 300 euro. With this money we have both 2 Lego WeDo Education kits for programming and robotics.


    2. Second prize_COODE WEEK

    The same event, "Meet and Code", because we have create an europe event and we have done a great work with many students, we have received an european certificat.

    3. Third prize_SPACE TALKS
    "Space talks" event
    We have create two event. Many of us were involved and the European Space Agency rewarded the pupils from Călin Gabriela and Alexandra Miricioiu classes.

    4. Fourth prize - Two plece to a course in Belgium, organized by ESA education

    Florentina Radu, project member, told them about this project, about it's activities, about what she need to learn to facilitated the implementations and she won a plece to the course.

    Alexandra Miricioiu, project founder, told them her's ideas about a new eTwinning space project, this project. She told them wht she need's to learn and she won a plece to the course.

    5. Fifth prize_one place 

    Radu Marioara - told them what she is doing in this ptoject, what she need s to know more.

    Initiation course in space-based initiation technologies for primary education, organized by ESERO Romania, initiated by ESA to use the opportunities presented by the space in STEM.

    6. Sixth prize_HOUR of CODE

    Hour of Code - We have created an event. Register it on the romanian an european map. We have done 3 tips of activities.  5 teachers  (partners in this project) and 200 students were rewarded with diplomas and one teacher was  declared Ambasador Hour of Code. We have won 3 Bitdefender licences.


    7. The seventh_We have participated with the Moon activites that we have done in this project and we have received a certificate!


    8. We are among the winners!!!

    Alyssa Raduta (3D, Claudia Bejinaru), Teodora Neagu, Stefania Toma, Alexandra Antofie, Sara Visan, Miruna Dinca (4B, Alexandra Miricioiu)




    9. Super!!!!!

    500 euro for materials to study robotics and to teach other teachers how to do it

    10. MADE FOR EUROPE_Raluca Stan  (pedagogical classes), Ștefania Toma (primary school)

    In order to valorise and promote the positive experiences accumulated by the pre-university education units in the development of the projects funded by the Community programs in the field of education and training, the Ministry of National Education launches the 13th edition of the "Made for Europe" National Contest, in the calendar of national school competitions funded by MEN in the school year 2018-2019.

    We attended with the optional course that we are implementing
    through this eTwinning project.

    1st prize - county competition

    2nd prize - national competition

    The Gala of Excellence in the education of Dambovita County

    The Gala of Excellence in the city of Targoviste

    11.NATIONAL QUALITY LABEL_Azerbaijan, Republica Moldova, Romania 

    3 countries, 11 teachers, almost 400 pupils

    Super!!! Uraaaa!!


    12. EUROPEAN QUALITY LABEL_Azerbaijan, Republica Moldova, Romania 

    3 countries, 11 teachers, almost 400 pupils

    Great job, team!!!