5.December activity_HOUR of CODE

  • Hello!

    You can do some programming activities and share with us your experience.

    In our school, Colegiul National „Constantin Cantacuzino”:

    1. we have done some common activities. The students from 4B have helped the students from other classes to do programming activities. 
    They have helped students from 6A, 3D, 1B, PA to programming and play with Scratch Jr application and they have showed them how they are programming small robots.


    2. 4B and 12 A have write some messeges for the astronauts from ISS using Python 3, Astro Pi and Trinket Sense. They have write small programs to present themself and to mesure the temperature from ISS and the have sent this programms to ESA to be evaluated.

    3. 3 - 9 December, Hour of Code, 4B were have created games using Scratch Jr and Scratch and we have done robotics and programming - kids learning how to programming using Lego WeDo sets and application. We are on the Hour of Code Map.