• September - October 2018:

    • ice breaking activities (word clouds; various tools - exchange of experiences)
    • introduce yourself (presentations or videos - our schools and countries; various tools - exchange of experiences)
    • create your avatar (recommended tool:
    • planning activities (TwinSpace forum)

    November - December 2018:

    • logo contest (Padlet)
    • research (after doing the research students will create presentations, posters, online games and other materials, explaining in a simple and easily understandable way the environmental and economic aspects of Green IT, paying attention to their own country; various tools - exchange of experiences)
    • Happy New Year (greeting cards, ecological topics)

    January - February 2019:

    • common online survey - Google Forms (how much people know about Green IT and the possibilities of implementing it in our schools; schools will work together to prepare questions; students are going to interview their teachers and other school stuff using the same set of questions in each country.)

    March - April 2019:

    • determining the state of Green IT at our schools and suggesting adoption to energy-efficient IT practices (students will create presentations, posters and other materials; various tools - exchange of experiences)

    May - June 2019: 

    • creating a joint online brochure called "We Want Green IT" - Google Slides
    • Evaluation of the project which will be carried out by an online questionnaire (end of May 2019 or June 2019) - Google Forms

    During the project: dissemination, adding the used tools on the page USED TOOLS, ...