Meeting in Ireland

  • Mobility Itinerary – Walk through Science

    23.09.2019 - 27.09.2019

    Sunday, September 22nd – Arrival           

    Welcome, meet and greet & introductions to host families     

    Monday, September 23rd – Killorglin Community College


    Teachers & students meet at Killorglin Community College

    09:00 – 09:30

    Breakfast in the school canteen

    09:30 – 10:00

    Tour of the school

    10:00 – 11:00

    Lesson on Flipgrid, a website that allows teachers to

    create "grids" to facilitate student video discussions.

    11:00 – 11:20

    Morning break

    11:20 – 12:00

    Transition Year Math Class, Computer Lab/ Room 20

    12:00 – 1:20

    Maths, Geography & Culture Lesson, Computer Lab /

    Room 20

    01:20 – 02:00


    02:00 – 04:00

    Ecology Study, Farm & Artisan Cheese Producer Visit

    (Science, Maths & Food)

    Tuesday, September 24th – Killorglin & Tralee, Co. Kerry

    A cultural excursion to discover local history, heritage and culture.


    Teachers & students meet at Killorglin Community College

    09:10 – 10:00

    Visit to a local bakery (O’ Sullivan’s Bakery), Science & Food


    Depart for Tralee from Killorglin Community College

    11:00 – 11:30

    Our Transition Year students prepare to manage & run Kerry County Museum for the day. Erasmus & 1st Year students walk the town park

    11:30 – 01:30

    Tour of the museum & exhibitions facilitated by KCC TY students


    Depart from Kerry County Museum

    02:00 – 03:00

    Blennerville Windmill, Dingle/Tralee Rail Line & Emigration Exhibitions


    Depart for Killorglin Community College


    Wednesday, September 25th – Killorglin Community College


    Students and teachers meet at Killorglin Community College

    09:00 – 10:20

    Active maths – TY & Erasmus students will undergo fitness tests and gather data for analysis. Fitness tests include the following: sit & reach tests, standing long jump, agility run, reaction time, sprint 100m test, hand eye coordination etc.

    10:20 – 11:00

    Statistical workshop, project-based learning using statistics and ‘real’ data generated during fitness testing.

    11:00 – 11:20

    Morning break

    11:20 – 12:40

    Lesson on Math Khan Academy

    12:40 – 01:20

    Skype lesson on ‘’


    School finishes at 1:20 on a Wednesday. Erasmus students return to their host families


    Thursday, September 26th – Valentia Island, Skellig Ring

    A geographical & historical excursion incorporating maths and food


    Students and teachers meet at Killorglin Community College

    08:50 – 10:05

    Students depart for Valentia from Killorglin Community College

    10:10 – 11:30

    Tour of Valentia Island Lighthouse, morning tea/ coffee

    Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve

    11:40 – 11:50

    Valentia Island Slate Quarry

    12:10 – 01:40

    Bray Head hike as far as the Skellig Island view watch tower. Picnic at the watch tower. View the remains of the first Trans-Atlantic Cable landed in 1866 connecting North America to the rest of the world.

    02:15 – 02:40

    Skellig Chocolate Factory & St. Finian’s Bay Beach

    02:40 – 04:00

    Depart for Killorglin Community College


    Friday, September 27th – Departure Day

    09:00 – 10:00

    Breakfast in the school canteen for Erasmus teachers and students/ Mobility meeting

    10:00 – 11:00

    Closing ceremony, traditional Irish music and dance, presentation of certificates.

    11:00 – 11:20

    Morning break

    11:20 – 01:20

    Physical Education class with Transition Year students

    01:20 – 2:00


    02:00 – 02:40

    Transition Year Math Class, Room 5

    02:40 – 04:00

    Preparation of Flipgrid videos for Twinspace


  • Participants' opinion

    Aneta Popiołek, Poland

    Unforgettable moments in Ireland, kindness of Irish people, interesting activities at school, wonderful educational trips.

    Bożena Szymańska-Pakos, Poland

    I have very good memories of the Erasmus project "Walk through Science" in Ireland at the Killorglin Community Colage.
    I liked the Valentia Island trip the most. On the last day of the exchange there was a show of the school music band.
    They played beautiful traditional Irish music and presented wonderful dances. I also visted lokal bakery and Farm.
    It is a pity that there was no joint dinner with all the teachers.

    Elżbieta Kucharczyk, Poland

    I’ve spend fantastic time in beautiful country, I have great opportunity to meet people from different countries to share experience. I have a possibility to participate in interesting activities, which show us culture and history of Ireland, amazing landscapes – Valentia Island, Cliffs, and regional activities.

    Marta Głogowska, Poland

    I didn't know how beautiful and full of attractions Ireland was until I got there. All the activities were well prepared and I couldn't ask for a better host family. I have met a lot of wonderful people and I don't think I will ever forget about them or their lovely country.

    Natalia Puślednik, Poland

    I had amazing time in Ireland. I improved my English and I learned about Irish culture. I’m glad I had this opportunity to visit this beautiful country and met a lot of new people.

    Aleksandra Mlak, Poland

    I had wonderful week in Ireland, it was really great expierience. I enjoyed every part and moment of the meeting. Ireland is so beautifull, i have loads of unforgetable memories. I met fantastic, lovely and really kind peopple and i have new friends. I lerned a lot about Irish culture and I also improved my Engilsh. Thank you for your hospitality. Looking forward to hosting you all in Wrocław soon!

    Aleksandra Dauerman, Poland

    A beautiful country, great host family, opportunity to improve english and interesting, educational trips will leave great memories forever.

    Paula Utnik, Poland

    I'm very grateful for this past week in Ireland with everyone included. I learned about many interesting things, I improved my English. But first of all I met great people and I will never forget them.

    Rabeya Begum, Sweden

    We have gone through wounderful moments in Ireland, 23- 27 september, 2019. The activities at school and trips at different places in Kerry coumty were learnable for us. The hospitality of irish teacher and students were unforgettable.

    Ankica Stevanoska Jancheska, Republic of North Macedonia

    I had a wonderful week in Ireland. The activities carried out in the school, the wonderful educational trip and the hospitality of the Irish people, made this meeting unforgettable for me.

    Veselina Jovanoska, Republic of North Macedonia

    All I can say is that I had an unforgettable week in Ireland. There were very interesting activities and I liked every one of them. They were very useful not just about our knowledge, but also for gaining life experience. Even though I wasn't used to the weather I found a way to enjoy the Irish landscapes.

    Marina Poposka, Republic of North Macedonia

    My impressions from this mobility in Ireland. Beautiful country, amazing landscapes, fantastic hosts, interesting activities carried out in the school. We have visited interesting places. Great opportunity to meet people from different countries. Thank you for your hospitality.

    Gorazd Poposki,Republic of North Macedonia

    I had a great time in Ireland,the activities were so interesting and fun.I've met new amazing people and i've learned a lot of things about the Irish culture!

    Petar Petreski, Republic of North Macedonia

    This experience was the best one in my life so far.Everything was great, from the people to the remarkable landscapes of Ireland. Unforgettable moments with all the people there. Grateful for meeting a lot of people and all of them were kind, friendly and chatty. The activities were great because we were always learning something new and gaining life experience and also we were all engaged in them. Ireland left an outstanding impression and life long unforgettable moments.

    Sergej Panoski, Republic of North Macedonia

    I had an amazing week in Ireland. The activities were very fun and learning about Ireland and its culture was an incredible experience. Everyone was so kind and friendly, and the landscapes were breathtaking. An unforgettable experience.

    Zahra Al-Azawi, Sweden

    The trip to Ireland has been very informative and interesting since we for instance got to learn much about Ireland’s culture. I also learnt about what the country is known to produce, like milk and cheese which was really nice.

    I met loads of great people and I’m happy to have been a part of this beautiful and exotic trip!

    Olivia Berndtsson, Sweden

    I loved visiting Ireland. I learned and improved my English alot. The environment was really beautiful and I would like to visit Killorglin again, I made some friends out of this experience that I hopfully will keep in contact with.

    Benoit Severin, Reunion

    I had a very good trip in Ireland and I want to go back to visit this beautiful country, the students were friendly. The Irish culture is very interesting and the place that we visited were beautiful. I improve my english.

    Guillaume Rivière from Reunion Island

    I really enjoyed this week in Ireland. Thanks to all partners for the moment we shared together. This has been a great, enriching experience from a cultural and human viewpoint. I cannnot wait for the next one.

    Elian Rozgar, Sweden

    Had a great experience with everyone present down in Ireland killorglin. Appreciated the trip incredibly much and it was really nice to meet all the nice students and teachers. A memory of life that I would absolutely do again and recommend to everyone to take advantage of if they have the opportunity :)

    Amira Hamid, Sweden

    I experienced several educational experiences while visiting Killorglin community college in Irland. It was fun participating in the different activities planned by the irish people. And I also learned a lot about the country's production and its culture. I am grateful for the opportunity!

    Demi Melek, Sweden

    The week spent in Killorglin, Ireland was lovely. I loved getting to know the other participants as well as experiencing the Irish culture. Ireland is such a beautiful country, that I with no doubt will visit again. I would highly recommend this experience!:)