Meeting in Reunion Island/France

  • Programme of the meeting in Reunion Island


    Sunday 10/02

    Students : Leo Baesel, Thibault Costet, Manon Boyer Payet, Lucille Payet, Benoit Severin
    Welcome to Reunion Island : Let’s discover our local recipes and how we cook it. Our measures are not the same as in your country.

    Monday 11/02

    Teachers : Mrs Lallemand, Mr Riviere
    Students : Benoit Severin, Costet Thibault

    Experiments and walks at an active volcano : the “Piton de la Fournaise”.
    Discover another volcano “Piton des Neiges” which is no longer active.
    pm :

    Visit to the volcano museum of Reunion Island. 

    Tuesday 12 /02

    Teachers : Mrs Lallemand, Mr Rivière
    Students : Payet Lucille, Baesel Léo

    Discover our exotic forests and the geology of Reunion Island and more exactly a visit to some natural caves made by our volcano.

    Wednesday 13/02

    Teachers : Mrs Lallemand, Mr Riviere
    Students : Costet Thibaut, Baesel Léo

    Welcome in our school: Let’s discover it through many subjects.
    Visit to a small bourbon vanilla plant.

    Thursday 14/02

    Teachers : Mrs Boyer-Payet
    Students : Payet Lucille, Boyer-Payet Manon, Severin Benoît
    Discover our lagoon and our coral reef and its animals.

    Friday 15/02

    Teachers : Mrs Lallemand, Mr Riviere
    Students : Boyer-Payet Manon, Costet Thibaut

    Discover 2 museums around the sea: one focused on sea turtles and another on exotic fishes.


    Bourgeois Jean-Marie
    Trois Mares Secondary school’s Principal.



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