Let's celebrate Black History Month !

The aim of this project is to pay tribute to black people who have played a part in the evolution of their condition and in the evolution of society.First, we'll work on Black People's History. Each class will create a quizz for the other one with Learning app or Quizzlet. The students will also work on the representation of black people through centuries .They will choose a text , a painting or a movie showing how black people were differently represented through times. Then the classes will work on the twentieth century, segregation and the Civil rights Movement with videos and embeded questions for the other students to answer. We'll post the students’ videos on the project journal and have the other students answer the questions in a sort of « contest » .To finish with, each student will choose a black person he / she would like to pay tribute to and prepare a text , a poem or a song. My students will be absent in January. In February we'll record a video of this celebration

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