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    European Patterns: Migrations of birds and people


    At a time when in Europe the refugee problems and people migration from political and social condition reasons is a today reality, our proposal project is one of great interest that come to enlighten these aspects in order to clarify for students and teachers the complexity of factors that bring contribution to the migration phenomenon. Also, biodiversity conservation and protecting natural resources by promoting sustainable development has become an international priority in every school system. The parallel between people and birds migration will support us to help pupils understand the migration principle, reasons that generate this phenomenon, to emphasize that migration brings about two kinds of effects: positive and negative. But natural aspects of life, bird migration will help us in found ways to highlight the naturalness of this phenomenon, the balance brought by their occurance in ecosystems and in society. The activities that will be developed during the project development will raise awareness among pupils in several fields: inclusive society, biodiversity protection, volunteerism, sustainable development.

    This project will help the pupils to develop citizenship skills. The project will also have an impact on parents and the population of the cities of the different partners. 6 partners from secondary education, local authorities, science museums, departments of universities are involved in this partnership which will impact more than 1400 people and which will achieve 5 different however complementary products.