October - Everyday’s healthy habits

  • Our project Healthy Booky is not only the 5th and 6th classes students' project. Nearly the whole schools have been involved and students have taken part in it, making posters, filling our survey and even preparing healthy food.

    eTwinning Poland-Spain Healthy lifestyle


    Doing the survey

    Glogster posters for 1st and 2nd 

    Everyday’s healthy habits

    Group 1a: Carmen, Yasmin, Marcin, Mateusz, Wiktor





    Group 1b: Carmen, Yasmin, Mateusz


    Group 2a: Bireta, Bautista, Ala, Zuzia


    Group 2b: Bireta, Bautista, Zuzia, Paulina, Oliwia


    Group 3a: Claudia, Fernando, Julia, Julia

    Group 3b: Claudia, Fernando,  Julia, Julia




    Group 4a: Shengkang, Patrycja, Karolina, Agnieszka


    Group 4b: Shengkang,Patrycja, Agnieszka,