Healthy Booky

The aim of the project is to write books showing the good habits and good behaviour one must follow to have a healthy life. At the same time to provide informative books to the school students from 1st to 6th year. The eTwinning project is directed at primary school students aged 10 - 12 to promote active ways of learning. Based on cooperative wor...

Project Journal

  • The results of the survey are uploaded. Have a look at them to see if you are surprised.
    - Posted by Maite Elejalde, 04.06.2015

  • Tomorrow in our school we organise a great fashion show. Today we`ve drawn some pictures.

    safe Internet 006.JPG

    - Posted by Anna Żywica, 01.06.2015

  • We did our fashion show. It was great because not only the 5th and 6th level students involved in the project took part but nearly all the students from school. You can enjoy it in the video we prepared.

    portada fashion_show.jpg

    - Posted by Maite Elejalde, 01.06.2015

  • Today we`ve made some pictures about the safe rules in Internet

    safe Internet 001.JPG

    - Posted by Anna Żywica, 01.06.2015

  • It's important to use internet in a safe way and that's what we are learning now. After seeing some videos we prepared some rules we have to take into account when using computers. We wrote them in Titanpad.

    Writing cooperatively in Titanpad

    - Posted by Maite Elejalde, 30.05.2015