Our Project

  • The topic of the project is making footage and documentaries related to tourism and youth oriented. The project is aimed at young people who want to boost and  benefit from their creativity, potential and ambition. It is intended to promote the benefits of IT and digital competences. New technologies is the topic that many young people are familiar with and have a good knowledge of, therefore, the aim is to make benefit of their wide use and link it to the field of work they already have in their schools in order to develop students’ skills.

    The rationale of the project is to improve the attainment of our students, especially of weaker students with low basic skills, through creativity and informal learning and motivate them to acquire skills and knowledge through the process of learning from experience. On the other hand,  the students with higher abilities are often neglected and start to lack motivation, and the intention is to trigger them into peer work, encourage engagement, ensure that learning is social and collaborative, and to make their learning environments more innovative and effective. The aim is to stimulate students through doing and creating. The idea of connecting IT and digital technologies and tourism was conceived as the knowledge of both fields increase opportunities for their future careers and is of vital importance for the regions in which they live, therefore, the objective of this project is to enrich their knowledge of a wider European environment through the use of IT and digital technology.

    This project will enable our students to develop their basic and transversal skills, with highlight on entrepreneurship in tourist industry and multilingualism, as different European languages will be used throughout the project to create project outcomes.

    The activities to be undertaken throughout the project are innovative and creative, thus our students will have a chance to prove themselves in extracurricular tasks that cannot be covered during the regular lessons and will be useful for them in searching their inner motivation to achieve  more. We want to facilitate their personal growth, a fact that leads to a safer and more rapid insertion on the labour market. They become better at foreign languages and communication skills related to tourism industry and everyday life, thus becoming more open-minded and respectful of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, more confident and skillful in dealing with different issues they might encounter in their professional life. They will develop sense of autonomy, responsibility and self-motivation, learning to learn competence.

    The project main aim is improving ICT and digital technology skills of both the students and the teachers.  ICT and digital technology will be used to create  youth-oriented documentary films about tourist regions of their countries with emphasis on the country’s heritage, traditions, customs on one hand and things to do for young people on the other hand. We have set up realistic ICT goals, which will be students-oriented in order to present their culture, tourist attractions and sights in the eye of young people.  Thus, the project will support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies.