This group of students from CEIP PUNTA LARGA has been working in another legend from our region. It is also related to Nature. 

        This legend is titled  THE LEGEND OF DRAGO.

      Drago is an endemic big tree  that can be found in some island from our archipielago. It is a kind of tree only found in macaronesian territory, but our endemic species is very high. It has an interesting feature: its sap is red, like blood.

      The legend is about a merchant who came from a Mediterranean place looking for the sap of this tree because it wwas thought this sap had possitive properties for health. When he arrived to the island, he saw a pretty indigenous girl and he felt in loved. He caught her but she had a very good idea. She gave him some pieces of fruit to taste and he distracted enjoying that delicious food. In this moment, she could escaped. She ran away and she hid inside the truck of the the big Drago. When he realized, he followed her. He wanted to catch her again. So, he decided to throw some arrows against the tree to scare the girl. But the arrows hammered on the truck and the sap started to shed.

         The merchant scared a lot because he saw that there was blood sedding from the trunck and he remembered about the myth about Hesperides garden and its blessed tree. So, he ran away, and he left the island.