Portugal: the legend of Viana do Castelo


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    The legend of Viana do Castelo

    In the old city of Atrio, a beautiful girl,  a fishmonger called Ana , used to sing aloud in the streets of Atrio…One spanish poet heard her song and was astonished by her beauty…

    Many times, the poet came to Atrio to see Ana, who lived near the city castle. People asked him the reason of his happiness…He answered he felt happy because he had seen “Ana of the Castle” (Vi  Ana do Castelo).

    Atrio became the city of Ana…The portuguese sentence: “Vi Ana do Castelo”, meaning the poet had seen Ana of the Castle, became the new city name: Viana do Castelo. The 13th century king, Afonso III, ordered this change to celebrate this legendary love story .


    Legends are intangible heritage, such as the traditional costumes. Below we show you the traditional costume of Viana do Castelo, drawn by Margarida Coelho, 6th E student.