• Erasmus+ ΚΑ229 “The Influence of Emotions in History. A New Tool for Citizenship”

    Agreement Number: 2018-1-ES01-KA229-051149_3

    LOCATION: Stefanovikeio- Greece

    Coordination Meetings Minutes


    Konstantinos Pasiketopoulos/Alonso Mateo (coordinator)

    Order of the day 24/5/2019:





    1. Finalise dates for the next mobility in Sweden (October 2019)

    Sweden will give the partners some suggestions for the arrangement of the travel to Sweden and for the accommodation

    2. Tasks which need to be finished by October 2019

    3. Etwinning platform- what needs to be uploaded (the mobility in Italy, accounts for students, what each partner has done for dissemination)

    4. Discuss ways to make students more involved in the project- their participation more visible on My Twinspace and the website- analyse number of visits to the website

    5. Discuss what material is required for the better organisation of the website- what each partner must send Turkey who is responsible for the website

    6. Discuss better dissemination of the project- presence of the project in each partner school’s website and the local press

    7. Upload the rest of the activities on the Mobility Tool (Spain)

    8. Suggest possible dates for the mobility in Turkey


    • The dates for the next mobility in Sweden were agreed on: the mobility will take place from 7 to 11 October and an extra day will be spent in Stockholm (12 October 2019)
    • The coordinator of the Swedish school Gymnasium Skövde Västerhöjd, Ms Rosina Artuso Saklanti, informed the partners about practical issues concerning flights, accommodation etc and presented a draft of the school activities to be carried out during the mobility as well as an outline of the approximate expenses
    • It was also agreed that the Etwinning platform should be updated and new pages created about the mobilities in Italy and Greece. All required material for the pages will be provided by the coordinators of the host countries to the general coordinator of the project from Spain, Mr Alonso Mateo, who will organize the materials on Mytwinspace
    • Turkey, who is responsible for the project website, will add a link to Mytwinspace on the project website after the mobility in Greece so that the uploaded material can be visible to anyone and not just Etwinning members
    • Ways to improve dissemination of the project outcomes were considered and it was agreed that each partner school will provide links to articles in the press or on social media to the coordinating country, Spain. It was pointed out by the coordinator, Mr Alonso Mateo, that the EU logo and disclaimer must be used in all public material
    • The dates for the mobility in Turkey will be finalized during the mobility to Sweden



    All participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions as established above.


    Stefanovikeio, Greece 24/5/2019

    The participants

    Alonso Mateo

    Rosario Martinez Garcia

    Konstantinos Pasiketopoulos

    Elisabetta Corgiolu

    Lorena Bacci

    Rosina Artuso-Saklanti

    Patrik Nilsson

    Sena Barıç Özcan

    Serhat Şentürk

    Tuğba Otman