Educational Activities During The Virtual Exchange


    Day 1

    • General Knowledge Quiz –Kahoot (All participants) 

    • Ice-breaking and team-building exercises.

    Day 2


    • Activity 1: “From the beginning of the 1970s to 2000s”

    The five groups of students make a presentation about the changes related to the education system, political events, social changes, and the economy.

    Turkish students’ presentations

    Education in Turkey: Almira Özcelep + Ayşe Ece Taymez

    Economy of Turkey: İpek Pehlivan + Duru Tükel

    Politic Events in Turkey: Ali Ulvi Kaplan + Selin Aydın

    Social Changes in Turkey: Irmak Ünsal + Yağmur Akar

    Education System: Sweden

    Important Politic Events: Spain

    Social Changes: Greece

    Economy: Italy

    • Activity 2

    Case Study

    Considering the economical crises countries are going through during the pandemic period, as the Economy, Education, and Health ministry and the cabinet of that country you will be asked to find a solution to solve that crisis and improve your economy and health system. 


    Day 3


    • Activity 3: “The power of media in Turkey from past to present” workshop: collaborative activity aimed at the impact of media on society and human emotions.”

    For this activity we want each country to bring an A3 size colorful poster or brochure or picture of a person, scene, an incident which created a big influence on your society. We will share the posters on screen and ask others groups what they feel about that Picture/photo, then we will have an overall reflection by each country. 

    Turkey’s presentation: Simber Kış + Ecem Atakan

    • Teacher Training session (Buket Ertür&Türkan Yaman)

    Discussions on how to foster students’ motivation, creativity and participation during distance learning.