Fairy recipes

This short time project combines recipies and stories. Students from partner schools will create stories in which a recipe is mentioned. It can be a fairy tale, a short story or a comic. Then they will write the recipe with ingredients and instructions. The students will work in groups. They can prepare the meal, take photos or make a video and pre...

Project Journal

  • Dear friends,
    feel free to join in this activity.
    We hope to write one common story. The rules are easy: the teams take turns and wait until the other team adds next part. You can write two or three sentences in each turn.
    Please let us know which team has written the part by adding an abbreviation of your country in the brackets.
    Any questions? - Don´t hesitate to ask.
    Please remember- the topic of the story should be somehow related to food.
    Good luck!

    Vytvořeno pomocí služby Padlet

    - Posted by Marie Kociánová, 24.04.2018

  • Enjoy the story from Wieliczka :)

    Wawrzyniec and Cirzew's Adventure - the story from Wieliczka.pdf

    - Posted by Klaudia Kozera, 23.04.2018

  • We were reading the stories in our IT room. We enjoyed the lesson.


    - Posted by Marie Kociánová, 19.04.2018

  • Here are the videos of the origin of sandwich and the preparation of the sandwich. Enjoy it !!

    - Posted by TERESA GARCIA FERREIRO, 18.04.2018

  • We can read the stories at school. There´s a big notice board with all the stories in the project so far.

    IMG_0995 - kopie.JPG

    - Posted by Marie Kociánová, 17.04.2018