DKCD or "Developing Key Competences through Drama" is a 2-year project which aims at instilling key competences for both VET and non-VET students, aged 14 to 19, through drama activities, by using 4 methodologies: drama techniques, role play training (RPT), forum theater (FT) and project based learning (PBL). The consortium that proposes the project is comprised of VET, partially VET and non-VET schools, addressing both urban and rural background students, in an attempt to boost key competences learning through the use of drama-related activities, coupled with project based learning. Exchange of good practices and innovative teaching methods will enable students to hone their key competences while involving them in activities that will motivate them, enable them to work in teams, to communicate and cooperate, to freely express themselves while applying critical thinking, to be creative and imaginative, to engage civically and socially.


    1. To innovate and aid the learning of key competences by identifying drama techniques and activities that will blend naturally in the economy of ordinary classes; objective to be realized throughout the project and quantified every 5 months or school semester by closely monitoring the scholastic progress of the pupils involved; envisaged results: at least 50 students per partner school will improve their key competences and skills in the mentioned areas; responsible body: each partner school.
    2. To blend ICT into the drama oriented activites and techniques aimed at key competences learning by identifying and developing Drama&ICT oriented learning activities that will boost motivation of learning and hone digital competences; objective to be realized during the 2nd semester of year 1 of the project; envisaged result: a methodology that will enable transdisciplinary approaches of drama, ICT and literacy.


    Responsibilities are shared on mutually agreed basis, and teams of students will be set in international context in order to promote international cooperation and ideas exchanges. various drama activities in classroom that will aid communication competences will take place in the first months of 2018, while groups of students will then meet online and have tasks to solve through drama and Forum theater until June 2018. Then ICT and drama will be blended in various other activities, all culminating with performances set up, designed and created by students under teacher coordination by May 2019.


    Broadening horizons allowing the knowledge and contact with new realities, achieving not only didactic skills (new linguistic, educational and multimedia skills) and social skills (teamwork and transversal skills), but also a European Citizenship awareness;
    - Providing a fundamental way of shaping the youth's personalities through drama, promoting education for openness to equity, diversity and inclusion and reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners with disadvantaged backgrounds, in particular through innovative integrated approaches based on cooperative activities;
    - Stimulating students’ imagination and developing long life learning skills that will lead to a feeling of responsible citizenship, tolerance and respect for the other individuals;
    - Increasing teachers' personal knowledge in lifelong learning and enrichment of social, didactic, pedagogical and professional skills with the sharing of innovative practices and experiences with partners from other European countries.