• All partner school have disseminated the information about the project - ativities, results, how to apply and other things. Here are some examples of the dissemination activities.


    Final outcome. Spain gave each country a project logo with their school names. Designed in methacrylate, clock shape and size, it a reminder for all schools participation.




    The students from Denmark who took part in LA in Italy gave a presentation of their experiences in June 26th 2018:


    The Minister of Education in Andalucia visited CEIP Tomas Ybarra and played with the Scratch-Erasmus+ wall in June 2018:

    The teachers meeting in Viborg, Denmark: Information about the TPM in Seville in May 2018:

    Link to Viborg Municipality´s website where they have published photos of the LA in Denmark in April 2016:


    Link to Viborg Folkebladet: an artice about the Learning Activity in Denmark in April 2016:


    Link to Teacher´s Magazine "Folkeskolen" about Erasmus+ project Learn Create and Communicate at Nordre Skole in Viborg:


    Link to Nature´s Work´s theme day with the teachers and headmasters in Wales in November 2016:


    Link to an article about the TPM in Italy in March 2016:


    Link to Europapress: TPM in Seville, Spain in May 2018:


    Press Conference with the Mayor of Tomares during the TPM in Spain in May 2018:

    Multiplier Event in Iceland in March 2017:  Workshops and presentations for teachers  and people working with Education in and around Akureyri

    SPAIN: Parent´s Meetings


    DENMARK: Parent´s Meetings at school in connection of hosting a child during LA or sending a child to LA

    DENMARK: May 2017 and November 2017: Presentation of our project to teachers in Viborg Municipality

    ICELAND- from peer to peer

    DENMARK: Active English-course in November 2017. Dissemination beyond partner schools and beyond borders

    SPAIN: Displays and talks at the Education Event in Seville

    DENMARK: Presenting Animated Learning and Erasmus+ at Nordre Skole for teachers and educators in the municipality in May 2016 and during the Animation Conference in September 2017

    Morning assembly to classes 1-6 during the TPM in Denmark in November 2017:

    Local Politician Claus Clausen visited Nordre Skole during LA in April 2016:

    Pupils taking part i LAs spred the word of Erasmus+ by telling their peers about the experiences- here in Iceland about the LA in Denmark: