• Meike from Blucherschule (Wiesbaden) and Carmela, from Tom├ís de Ybarra (Tomares) are starting a fabulous project to celebrate friendship among our students.

    The goals are:

    • Getting to know each other
    • Create students friendship bonds.
    • Foster creativity on creating a handmade card.
    • Communicate in English (the project communication language)

    Some ideas for the project:

    Main outcome:

    - Handmade cards to be posted by the 30th of January or earlier. Since children like manipulating, reading the others' letters, etc. It is an A4 pager, folded. (we will take photos of the class with the partners' cards at the arrival to be uploaded to the twinspace) Teachers will share their students names to make it more personal.

    Etwinning part:

    - Funny pictures of the students, maybe within a frame (like a photocall) A big card with a heart-shaped hole, for example. Students can give more ideas. To be uploaded in the twinspace.

    More ideas (extra, in case we want to go on with the link)

    - What about a video conference? Would you like to plan it? The students will think about basic questions: how old are you? have you got a pet? what is your favourite colour? etc.... You can say a love poem in German, and we can say a love poem in Spanish. These are some ideas, but we don't need to do them all. Also we can go on with this if you want after Valentine's day.


    Teachers will assess the impact of the activity in their classes


    SPAIN. Our greetings on Friendship Day