Music and Lyrics

The principal justification of the project is sharing the self-cultural environment. Music will be the pretext to get in touch and share our students’ everyday life through some popular, cultural and folkloric features. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) will play an essential role as I would like the students to record audiovisual con...


After rehearsing and enjoying the music of partners from other countries, we recorded our performances playing and singing the songs. At the end, a nice chance to improve english and music at the same time... 


1.1 Polish students singing L'ESTACA, a song by the catalan songwriter Lluís Llach:


1.2 Portuguese students singing ALECRIM DOURADO:


1. 3 Turkish students singing a song:


1. 4 Catalan students playing and singing "Kiedy bylem malym chlopcen"... a blues by the polish group Breakout:


1. 5 Catalan students playing the popular portuguese song ALECRIM DOURADO: 



Author: Alexis Albelda
Last editor: Alexis Albelda