English Theatre at Gymnazium Jana Nerudy

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    In 2000 our school began a joint project with Comenius, introducing the Roleplay concept. This liaison was a natural extension of the long tradition of drama within our school which encompasses our school drama club, and our French theatre involvement.

    Students have benefitted from the opportunity to balance a demanding study program with these more relaxing drama pursuits. The skills they acquire extend well beyond drama, bringing gains in other aspects of their lives.

    During our English classes, and also through special seminars students prepare plays by Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde as well as others. In addition, they create their own short plays and sketches in particular when we hold seminars during mountain trips.

    The future

    Over the next two years, in concert with Erasmus+,  students will prepare and present sketches which they have created from their own life experiences using the techniques taught, in combination with their own creativity and imagination.

    In order to develop their skills further, they will participate in workshops led by professional artists at appropriate institutions. This can be especially useful for shy students and often helps strengthen their potential to excel in other subjects.