• since 1933, ATATURK ORTAOKULU, İzmir,TURKEY

    Our school is located in the center of Aliağa (near Izmir) since 1933. Most of our students’ families have moved from the different parts of Turkey, and settled here in Aliağa for work.

    We believe that our project will not only help our students but also their families and the school staff have a better understanding of the EU values while making sure that these values become a part of their lives and thereby leading them to feel that they are a part of Europe. Through this project we also would like to demonstrate our students that no matter how different countries and cultures are from each other, mathematics boasts a universal power and common values. Eventually this should prove to the target participants and audience of our project that each and every one of us shares more in common than we have ever imagined.
    Moreover, our project will be contributing to the development of the students’ skills for mathematics and foreign languages. Thanks to their improved skills and broadened horizons, the students will be equipped better for further improving their future lives, setting higher standards, carriers and goals in life. They will thus be more than sufficiently motivated to realize their potentials to the full.

    Şehit Öğretmen İzzet Yüksel Secondary School     İstanbul/TURKEY


    Our high school ensures a professional and complete education starting with the preparatory school year altogether with elementary, gymnasium and high school classes. The school population consists of 1300 students: 97 pupils in the preparatory school year, 303 students in elementary level (grades I – IV), 372 students in gymnasium (grades V – VIII), 528 students in high school (grades IX – XII). Our students come from Bucharest and neighbouring villages. Annualy, more than 20% of our high school graduates become students of famous foreign universities. In the coming years approximately 70% become bachelor degrees of romanian univerisites.

    5B Grade


    Our school is located in Aranda de Duero, a major industrial area in the province of Burgos. It is located in the wine region of Ribera del Duero, The school has about 700 students and teaches Obligatory Secondary, Bachillerato and Programs training.

    IES EL GALEÓN (Adeje) Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain

    Our High School is located in Adeje, in the south of one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. We offer not only Secondary Education but also other grades in Informatics. We develop some projects. I will tell you about the one I´m involved. It´s called CLIL Project. What I basically do is explaining my subject, Maths, through English. It´s also a Trinity college. Students can get the B1(Threshold or intermediate) / B2 (Vantage or upper intermediate) Level in English as the Common European Framework divides learners.

    You can visit our webpage to get further information: http://www3.gobiernodecanarias.org/medusa/edublog/ieselgaleon/


    OŠ "Sveti Sava", Vladičin Han, Srbija

    Elementary School Sveti Sava, Vladičin Han, Serbia

    My school is located in the southeastern part of Serbia, a place called Vladicin Han, which has about 10,000 inhabitants. The school teaches about 600 students and 60 teachers.

    Our webpage http://www.svetisavavhan.edu.rs/

    Резултат слика за sveti sava vladicin han Резултат слика за sveti sava vladicin han Резултат слика за sveti sava vladicin han

    Here is my school and my town.