• Literature and cinema have worked as two of the main vehicles to spread culture in the 20th century society. Their presence in
    school teaching has allowed our students to access culture in a practical and enjoyable way. The aim of this project is to use these tools in order to encourage students to read autonomously and for pleasure, improve their audiovisual skills and learn about the relation between the book and the screen.

    Moreover, students will improve their linguistic competence. The European reality leads us to work with people from different countries, with varied languages and customs. This project tries to foster collaborative work between students and to develop their personal and cultural enrichment by means of inter-cultural exchanges. By sharing different experiences and points of view, students will become aware of European dimension and will contribute to create an European identity.

    The project involves four meetings between students from the partner-countries from Spain, Poland, France and Germany. These meetings will be held along the two forthcoming school years (the two former ones in 2017/18, and the two latter ones in 2018/19). A different group of six students from each country aged 14-16 will participate in every meeting. Moreover, the project involves two meetings with teachers, one of them at the beginning and the other at the end. 

    Partner Schools:

    ​- IES El Carmen, Spain

    - Gymnasium Bürgerwiese Dresden, Germany

    - Gimnazjum numer 13 w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim, Poland

    - Lycée Margueritte, France