Flying the Flag for a Healthy Europe; Building Capacities in Community for Special Needs

  • The project will be managed to ensure the following objectives are met :-
    - To promote social inclusion in all of our communities to ensure equal access for all.
    --To work with Sports Clubs, Community Groups, Agencies and Voluntary Bodies to ensure they are fully inclusive and accessible to our young people.  
    -To develop a Universal Health Related Training Tool to ensure all learners are knowledgeable of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    - To introduce Healthy Lifestyle Ambassadors in all of our schools and institutions who will promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to all.  
    -To provide our students with greater opportunities and the skills to face challenges with confidence.
    -To raise the awareness locally, nationally and internationally of a well planned model of teaching Healthy Lifestyles.
    -To promote our schools and institutions as centres of excellence for the provision of inclusive sports and activities and promoting  healthy lifestyle for all.
    -To  promote positive  images of the abilities of young people with complex learning needs and change the public perception of disability.
    -To consolidate our work with our current transnational and local partners to further develop good practice.  

    Topics delivered throughout our project include:

    •  Social inclusion
    • Mental health and well being
    • Active lifestyles
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Advocacy