1. Getting to Know Each Other

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    To raise awareness in society about reducing sugar consumption in our lives
    To reduce the consumption of sugar in our lives and to provide a healthy and peaceful life for the individuals.
    To raise awareness of reducing sugar consumption in individuals at an early age
    To raise younger generations to reduce sugar consumption
    To reduce health spending.
    To reduce our dependencyto other countries in terms of health spendings.
    To enable our students to change their nutrition.


    DECEMBER, A sugar reduction team is formed from students.
    In each school, a twinning board is prepared and a simple panel work is done to reduce sugar consumption.
    Students are informed about the reduction of sugar consumption.
    JANUARY Seminar talks will be organized to reduce the consumption of sugar in our lives. Conferences on diabetes and obesity will be organized.
    Distribution and printing of the school's general brochures are made to raise awareness of the students' families.
    Schools are exhibiting images that emphasize the importance of reducing sugar consumption in our lives.
    FEBRUARY Announcements to reduce sugar consumption in our lives will be helb (posters may be organized or contests, social media, picture contests, etc. may be turned into activity). Students entering the competition are rewarded.
    Activities and photography to reduce sugar consumption in our lives will be .
    In school canteens, instead of sugar-making sugar, fruit-nourishment of natural sugary.

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    To from consciousnes of
    Reducing the consumption of sugar in our life is formed consciousness.
    Reducing sugar consumption will be applred everyday life.
    Create awareness about the subject.
    By doing, learning happens by living.

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