Dissemination Turkey

  • Dissemination Activities Made in Turkey

    SEPTEMBER 2015

    After the approval of the project, a project table was made, a meeting was organised in the school to include this project to school's workflow and it was introduced to the school.

    October 2015

    A seminar was organised by the authorized teachers to Minister of Education about E-Twinning.

    November 2015

    First meeting was realized at Spain - Cartagena ..... School.

    December 2015


    January 2016


    February 2016


    March 2016

    Second meeting was realized at Italy - Perugia ..... School.

    April 2016


    May 2016

    Third Meeting was realized at our country Turkey - İzmir Atakent Anatolian High School               


    June 2016


    July 2016


    Agust 2016


    September 2016


    October 2016

    Forth meeting was realized at Finland ..... School


    November 2016

    December 2016