Dissemination Italy

  • Dissemination activities made in Italy


    September 2015

    At our first teachers meeting in the new school year the Headmaster announced the approval of our Erasmus+ project "Sustanability as a resource". The project  teachers explained to the other teachers at school the content and procedure of this new project.

    During the first week at school a team of teachers has been created and 35 students have decided to work in this international project. 

    November 2015

    12th November 2015_ on the Facebook page of our school the link to the article published in our local press, about our Erasmus+ project









    In the school website there is a specific section for ERASMUS + activities done in our school. Information about the activities of the project is published in that section:

    March 2016

    Poster of the study visit in Italy 14th-18th March, created by our students. It has been put in all the branches of our school, the Town Hall and the main public buildings in our town.

    Poster of the cycling itinerary around the Trasimeno Lake:


    Facebook event:

    The itinerary students and teachers are going to follow, has been uploaded on wikiloc at the address http://it.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=12422343

    and an event has been created on Facebook in order to invite all the citizens to join our cycling tour  https://www.facebook.com/events/1572998906325352/permalink/1572999026325340/

    all our students and teachers have been involved in the preparation of the events organized for the study visit in our school


    Printings of the project logo:


    MARCH 2016


    IN OUR LOCAL TELEVISION RAI TRE http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/TGR/basic/PublishingBlock-f8ed8a22-3948-4917-8042-b0b87a6304df.html#


    MAY 2016

    A general teachers’ meeting was held on May 22nd. The project coordinator updated the teaching staff on the state of the project.


    OCTOBER 2016

    After the learning events in Turkey and Finland, Erasmus coordinator gave a presentation with photos and video of the happenings in all the school classes.

    November 2016

    Erasmus+ coordinator presents the Erasmus+ projects of the school to teachers of other schools.


    January 2017

    Parents day at our school. Our Erasmus+ project is part of the school presentation for the parents and the Erasmus+ board is in the center of attention.


    The communication of the study visit in Munich and the programme is published in the school website to be read by parents, students, teachers and staff.


    April 2017

    The communication of the study visit in Croatia and the programme is published in the school website to be read by parents, students, teachers and staff.