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    Educational systems in general, and schools in particular, must be involved and incorporate those same challenges to contribute to "smart growth" and be able to fulfill one of the functions traditionally entrusted to them: contribute and promote development endogenous of its territory. For this, the implementation of innovative practices and the implementation of joint initiatives to promote creativity, exchange of experiences and collaborative work at European level are essential. Hence, the vision of this project is to help young people to undertake. Our mission is: Detect Social entrepreneurship opportunities from collaborative work between European schools.



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    • Other software (Powerpoint,video,pictures and drawings) 
    • TwinSpace
    • Video conference 
    • Virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, ...)
    • Web publishing


    THE MAIN OBJECTIVE: Solve social problems through creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship of our students.


    • Foster youth employment through social entrepreneurship. Promoting education for entrepreneurship, in its social dimension, among young people.

    • Design and apply innovative educational practices that make learning relevant.

    • Apply Benchmarking to the realities of partner schools to address the transfer of knowledge.

    • Promote the acquisition of key competences through the development of activities that empower them

    • Developing ICT skills, language skills (speaking, reading and writing), cooperative skills for working in group.



    Activities will start in January 2018 following a timetable set up with partners and will end in July 2019

    Defining and discussing the topic entrepreneur´s skills 
    Looking for a solution to a business challenge
    Setting up national companies
    Completing marketing and business plans
    Advertising studies
    Online business reports
    Making a fair of the exercise firms
    Creation of an educational portal on entrepreneurship. 
    Creating an online radio 
    Presentation of results
    Final evaluation





    Creation of student training firms and carrying out business among them
    • Electronic materials: digital e-books 
    • Materials on Twinspace: Teaching materials with innovative methodologies -Creativity and Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Canvas guide, etc. 
    • Improved social skills and teamwork for all the participants
    • Improved entrepreneurial skills
    • Improved intercultural competences