Designthinking: social entrepreneurship between european schools

Educational systems in general, and schools in particular, must be involved and incorporate those same challenges to contribute to "smart growth" and be able to fulfill one of the functions traditionally entrusted to them: contribute and promote development endogenous of its territory. For this, the implementation of innovative practices...

Project Journal

  • We started the Business Model Canvas for DTSE ProATour.It is a temporary name, we will decide together, and we will jointly achieve the company logo.
    We want to promote agrarian tourism in our countries because the attraction towards natural beauties, ethnography, novelty, charm and country-specific events make this form of tourism more and more attractive. At the same time, we want to promote an activity that can lead to the development of economically disadvantaged regions.
    We propose to build a site that presents some aspects of agrarian tourism in our countries.

    -Business Model Canvas-DTSE ProATour.jpg

    - Posted by Luminita Dominica Moise, 20.06.2018

  • Torremolinos - wonderful days. The Romanian Team Journal
    - Posted by Luminita Dominica Moise, 12.03.2018

  • A snapshot of project website


    - Posted by Alfonso Ballesteros, 27.01.2018