The idea of the project "LET'S MYTH TOGETHER!" with the topic Myths and legends in Europe, derives from a deep analysis and observation of the schools' curricula, through researches, teachers' observations and meetings and from the need to revise and innovate teaching approaches and learning strategies. The surveys point...

Project Journal

  • The legend of Colapesce-classes 4 A,C,E & 5 B-C - Italy

    - Posted by Krzysztof Maruszak, 03.07.2018

  • It was published on the local newspaper of in town La Sicilia


    - Posted by Krzysztof Maruszak, 12.06.2018

  • https://www.15min.lt/naujiena/aktualu/svietimas/kulturos-paveldo-projektai-lietuvos-mokyklose-su-salimi-susipazista-ir-mokiniai-ir-uzsienio-sveciai-233-983410
    - Posted by Krzysztof Maruszak, 09.06.2018

  • http://www.aetnanet.org/scuola-news-24883232.html
    - Posted by Krzysztof Maruszak, 30.05.2018

  • Last 23rd March 2018, the classes 4A-B-C-D-E of the Istituto Comprensivo San Giovanni Bosco of Catania went to Syracuse to discover the ancient myth of Arethusa.
    They visited the most famous monuments of the town and for one day they want back to the past... for many centuries!
    The students had a very nice day and had the chance to see the theatre and the famous historical museaum “Paolo Orsi”.

    - Posted by Krzysztof Maruszak, 30.04.2018